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For all wholesale questions or opportunities please contact us at info@smploil.com

Guaranteed Quality

At the Smpl facility we guarantee our high-quality standard by conducting third party testing on every product we offer. It is very important to us to ensure the consumer that we are meeting and exceeding all hemp regulations. These COA lab test results help certify our products and prove they do not contain heavy metals, microbes, mycotoxins, or pesticides. Through these methods, we establish and maintain a high-quality product for our consumers.

Our Process

Smpl currently manufactures its CBD products in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. Here at our facility we utilize 35,000 square ft of indoor space to house and prepare biomass for extraction. The process of extraction at our facility first begins by preparing our flower. We then start our massive extraction process. Due to our high-volume facility, we are able to extract over 1000 kilos of high quality full spectrum CBD oil using ethanol.  We then further refine our crude into pure and high-quality distillate and are proud to offer this at the most affordable cost on the market. 

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Our dedicated employees and state of the art facility are quickly helping us become the largest and fastest growing manufacturer of high-quality CBD and CBD products.