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Who are we?

We're smpl! A CBD company based out of Houston, TX. We specalize in making High Quality CBD Oil. We have a state of the art facility where all our CBD is processed, ensuring that we produce the safest and best quality products possible.
We're looking to expand our team and let some more people get involved in our company.
We're happy to announce our new Brand Ambassador Program! 

Here's How It Works:

Step 1. Fill out the form below.
Step 2. We give you a custom promo code and a bottle of our CBD oil for free.  
Step 3. Let people know if they use your code to purchase our products they'll get 20% off their entire order! 

 How Do I Get Paid?

When someone uses your code we pay you 20% of their total!  Typically we pay through Paypal ,Venmo or Cash App, if you have another form of payment please contact us and we'll look into it. We pay out within 24 Hours of each purchase.

How Do I Promote My Code?

That's up to you! We suggest starting with the people closest to you. If you think any friends or family might benefit from CBD let them know! Many people chose to post photos along with their code to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or put the code in their bio. We also give you a custom link that will automatically keep track of any purchases!

Do I get Free Products?

YES! We send a free sample pack to each ambassador! We will provide you with instructions on how to recive it in a follow up email.

What Are The Benefits of Being an Ambassador 

20% commission on every sale you make.
Free Sample
Get featured on our social media 
Ambassador with the most sales each week gets $100 bonus

How Do I Start?

Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you shortly! If you don't receive an email back from us within 12 hours please check your spam folder. * If you use Gmail check the Promotions folder.*

For any questions feel free to reach via email at or DM on Instagram @smploil. Thanks!