Our oil is extracted using
advanced technology
to preserve all beneficial
hemp-derived cannabinoids
and terpenes while
eliminating unwanted

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Our mission is smpl:

We strive to make the highest quality CBD products on the market at prices everyone can afford!

Our Products

Natural 250mg

Natural CBD Oil 250mg –$9.95

Mint 250mg

Mint CBD Oil 250mg –$9.95

Citrus 250mg

Citrus CBD Oil 250mg –$9.95

Natural 1000mg

Natural CBD Oil 1000mg –$19.95

mint 1000mg

Mint CBD Oil 1000mg –$19.95

Citrus CBD Oil 1000mg –$19.95

Sample pack 250mg

smpl Sample Pack 250mg –$19.95

smpl Sample Pack 1000mg

smpl Sample Pack 1000mg –$49.95